What I’m Doing Now


I love the work I’m doing right now with nonprofits through my business at 29:11 Creative LLC. Currently, I’m working with a church, a nonprofit that celebrates the children of chronically ill parents, and a nonprofit that works to provide meals to people facing food insecurity.

I’m also excited to be working with NTEN: The Nonprofit Technology Network and NetSquared to co-organize social and educational meetups for nonprofit professionals and tech advocates in my local area through a group called ChsTech4Good. If you’d like more information on joining us at an event or presenting to the group, please contact me.


I’m staying busy as a member of the board for a few local nonprofits. I love that, at a time where people I care about are feeling the threat of losing their rights and access to life-saving/-supporting programs, I can do something to help. Causes that I find important include health equity, food insecurity, civil rights, voter education, and criminal justice reform.

And speaking of health equity, I’m learning more about health equity and working on local initiatives that aim to close the gaps that exist in access to affordable and quality healthcare. If you’re interested in health policy, you’ll enjoy one of my favorite podcasts, What the Health produced by Kaiser Health News.

I’m spending my free time reading and listening to a few podcasts. My favorite way to start the day is with The New York Times podcast, The Daily; the former news producer in me loves how well-written it is, and I also appreciate the use of natural sound to tell the story. I’m also doing a lot of reading on the evolution of U.S. social policy and social justice, as well as personal development books on things like habits and productivity. Occasionally, I throw in a fiction book. You can follow what I’m currently reading, what I’ve read, and what I’m planning to read on my GoodReads profile.

Inspired by Derek Sivers /now page/movement

Updated October 16, 2018